About Us


Republic Rails is the birth child of the founders of the world’s best cable park, Camsur Watersports Complex or CWC. Since its inception, the vision of the founders has been to push the boundaries of the wakeboarding industry to its limitless potential. Our company strives to achieve this goal by providing innovative, top quality and affordable wakeboard obstacles for everyone to enjoy.

For too long, the industry providers of wakeboard obstacles have been dominated by a select few. Republic Rails is the answer to that problem. Our company believes that competition is the key to innovation, to push the sport to new heights. We are here to break the existing barriers by providing affordable obstacles to everyone. We exist to encourage the newbies to get better, and for the pros to push the boundaries even further.

Our selection of top quality obstacles caters to the continuously evolving standards of our sport. We have a complete selection of obstacles for the beginners, novice riders and pros. We serve the cable park owners and to the event organizers by delivering the best products possible.

Our goal is to push the sport, to question the status quo. That’s why we are here, that is why we exist.


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